Birmingham based clean water ministry changing lives in India

JARKHAND, INDIA (WBRC) – Nearly three and a half million people across the world die each year from a water related disease. But a Birmingham based clean water ministry called Neverthirst is working to change that number. FOX6 News reporter Ronda Robinson was given the opportunity to see first hand how the hard work done right here in Alabama is changing lives in India.

At a village in the Jarkhand, India they are celebrating something we all need to survive. Not long ago, these villagers were cooking, drinking and washing with water that was either contaminated or too dangerous to obtain.

Bisanti and Adeline Tiru both lost a husband and daughter while trying to get water from this steep well. Bishanti said, “We miss them a lot as we come near the well. the same memories come back to us and we’re reminded of them.”

This is just one of many places where you’ll find the work of a Birmingham non profit called Neverthirst. Co-founder and executive director Mark Whitehead says after traveling the world, group members noticed one common theme – the lack of clean water.

“Clean water that we take for granted. We leave the sink running and water our lawns. We don’t have a clue the way people live around the world. We were quickly educated and we came back and god really put on our hearts to use clean water to advance his gospel around the world.” Whitehead said.

Several hours away in the state of Bihar, Neverthirst’s Brandon Gossett describes the same water crisis. “We’re in the village of Korma and we’ve come to see a water project sponsored by Irontribe. On the way in we passed a dried up river where people used to gather water that caused massive sickness though out the village.”

The drinking water used to come from the same river where animals bathe.

The United Nations reports 130 million people in india do not have access to clean water.

Thanks to donations from Irontribe fitness both villages now have a well.

“Last year $100,000 and this year $200,000 in all I think we raised enough money for 150 wells”, said Forrest Walden. He is one of the founding members of Neverthirst. Now he’s the CEO of Irontribe Fitness. He found a way to support continue to support the clean water ministry.

Walden said, “Every year we do workout for water. we invite members and non members come do a workout in honor of those who don’t have water. We felt God was calling us to do more with our time our talents and resources. We have a call to serve those people. I think you’ll have more true joy and peace serving than trying to collect more and more here atleast that has been my experience.”

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