Dr. T Foster Bryant

dr-t-bryantI was born in Scottsboro, Alabama, a small northeast Alabama town cradled by farms, rivers, and mountains. I was so blessed to have had such amazing grandparents raise me to live a life based on principles and values. Those guiding principles of my life have been hard work, excellence, commitment and striving to be a Godly man.

It was those principles that drove me to try out for 8th grade football. I got several reality checks that year in physics. I weighed in at 93 pounds soaking wet and one day got paired against a 200 pound lineman and we hit head to head at full speed. I never even knew what hit me! That summer, I worked in 95 degree weather from sun up to sun down hauling hay and working on the farm. And although I was once again the smallest kid, I gradually began to get stronger and stronger. At the end of the summer, I was the hardest working, fastest stacking farm hand they ever had. That summer was the beginning of my life transformation. When school started back my 9th grade year and I walked into school, people immediately noticed the difference! I had gained about 19 pounds of solid muscle, I lost all my baby fat, and I felt a sense of confidence that I had never felt in my life until that point. It felt Awesome!

After high school, I attended Auburn University and even though my high school guidance counselor told me “college isn’t for everyone,” I realized my dream that year. While I was there, I accomplished a long term goal of signing a Division I NCAA scholarship. I tried out for cheerleader and made it, knowing that my strength from wrestling, farming and my gymnastic ability could help me. During this time I also realized my goal of wrestling at Auburn on the club team and became a competitive bodybuilder, where I was undefeated in college competition. I graduated from Auburn University in 1998 with my B.S. in Exercise Science with honors. That year I began 4 more years of school to get my Doctorate. I went to Life Chiropractic University only knowing that Chiropractic care had changed my entire life and that my passion was to help others do the same. It was a long and heavy 4 years. I had a full class schedule, a job, a long distance relationship and even coached kids in wrestling, gymnastics, and cheerleading on the side. My goal was to be the most excellent Chiropractor I could be so there was no idle time involved.

In 2002, I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Chiropractic with a Fellowship in Pediatrics and moved to Naples, Florida. I married Erin Gannon, who I had met at Auburn University where she was a gymnast and also in Exercise Science. Our practice really took off as we specialized in spinal corrective care and rehabilitation known as CBP. I advanced the practice to the top of the profession and began to teach others how to run this unique and different system. I started traveling the country to teach other Dr’s how to help people accomplish “their HEALTH goals” to get what they want as quickly as possible.

During this transition, I searched the Naples area for a fitness facility to perform Functional Exercise. After being asked to leave two gyms in Naples (kicked out), because my exercise approach was so unique and different, I began building out my garage because there was no where else to go in Naples. I began teaching my patients, friends and even complete strangers on the Internet that reached out to me for coaching. Shortly after, my best friend from Auburn came down for a visit. I had been trying for a while to get him into Functional Exercise, but he was scared it would make him small and ruin his beach muscles! I encouraged him to focus on TRUE fitness and I explained exactly what that was.

I put him through some of the workouts, explained the philosophy, and ignited a flame in Forrest. Forrest had been searching for something MORE himself. He was hugely successful with +55 fitness franchises under his belt at a young age but he did not feel like he was radically promoting the life transformations we talked and dreamed of in college. Forrest went home, built out his garage and fanned that flame into a small community, a Tribe. It didn’t stay small for very long.

That small Tribe grew exponentially until he had no choice but to go buy a space and start a new business. He refined, transformed, and improved the approach many similar gyms were using, and christened the first one Iron Tribe. I was able to watch this evolve from a distance as I continued to do the same with my Chiropractic office. But I continued to notice something wasn’t right.

The results patients worked so hard to attain would begin to fade as time went by. I raked over all the research and it came down to one HUGE missing component that required me to stop dead in my tracks and determine how to correct it right then and there. People were getting amazing life changing results, and some kept them and some did not. What we found was the fit, strong, and lean people were much easier to correct, they led healthier, drug free, pain free lives, and most importantly, tended to be happiest people. The opposite was the weaker people who did not exercise or did not exercise right, tended to be the sickest, fattest, on multiple drugs, lived in pain, and were generally unfilled and tended to lose their results fast. I saw a clear and present need to address this issue immediately for those who trusted me with their health and their family’s health.

This led Forrest and I back to a meeting in which we talked about goals and core values. They haven’t changed that much. Hard work, continual self improvement, honesty and integrity, excellence, and giving back to God for the blessings he has given us. We talked about combining Iron Tribe with healthcare.

So this is our path now. Robert Frost said “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by.” My years in research, in the study of exercise, the human structure, years of clinical experience, years of coaching, and my own personal experiences have primed me to be able to offer a unique and different system to help people TRANSFORM their lives! To not only help them realize they CAN DO THIS but to help raise their hand and celebrate that they DID DO IT!

So here I stand with Iron Tribe Fitness and it is just the beginning of a transformation process. I restructured and converted my Chiropractic practice and into a Iron Tribe Fitness here in Naples, Florida. Hard work. excellence, and commitment are the ingredients and Iron Tribe has the recipe…if you are ready to create a compelling future… Iron Tribe is an amazing tool, amazing system that has helped transform my business, my family, and my life!