Kevin Gann

10003745_10152019242649150_1613904135_oCommunications Entrepreneur sells 81 stores to pursue a career in Fitness!

My journey with Iron Tribe Fitness started one day when my wife and I decided we wanted to find something different than the typical workout. We were not interested in going to a big gym nor did we want one on one personal training.

I walked into a local pool business that services our pool and saw a magazine advertisement on a stand on the front desk. It had all these great stories of people getting in the best shape of their lives. It also had a name that really stuck with me “Iron Tribe Fitness”.

The service manager for the pool company came out from his office and before we started talking about my pool he ask me “ Are you thinking about working out?” I said “yes” and he replied “ You should do Iron Tribe Fitness and it will change your life – it changed mine”. I thought to myself this is interesting here are some great stories of people getting in the best shape of their life, a catchy name like I have never heard of before, and then a personal passionate testimony. I knew right then that this is what I wanted to do but I wanted to get my wife to join with me.

I gave my wife, Jennifer, the magazine and she read it and said this is not what I want to do. I encouraged her to go to the consult with me at Iron Tribe and let’s hear them out. We sat down for a consult and we both signed up. That was several years ago and the rest is history.

We had such a great experience from a client/athlete perspective from the 101 entry class, to the regular workouts, the competitions, the fundraisers, and the friendships that we made. Not to mention the remarkable results from the nutrition and the workouts!

When I heard that Iron Tribe was going to franchise I started thinking about how amazing this would be to bring this model to a community/city of my choosing and be a part of leading a Tribe. I knew what the end product looked like but I had to do some homework on the business side and see what was under the hood so to speak. I started by researching the CEO, Forrest Walden. I found a 30 minute interview online that a fitness website had done with Forrest. It let me know real quick that this was much more than just about fitness. This model had everything baked in that you needed to create a successful business. I decided to set an appointment to attend a Discovery Day at Iron Tribe Fitness to learn more about the model. From that meeting I learned that this was indeed a unique opportunity and something I would be passionate about and grow from both personally and professionally.

As of December 2014 we are six months into our Iron Tribe Fitness being open in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I am happy to report that we have change the lives of 121 athletes and well on our way to changing the lives of 300 athletes in the Tuscaloosa community. I am growing both personally and professionally and very fulfilled in carrying out the company’s purpose for doing business which is “To create fitness communities that change lives”.

In the end the sales manager at the pool business was right Iron Tribe Fitness has changed my life and I hope it will do the same for you!