Loyalty360 Q&A: Jim Cavale, COO, Iron Tribe Fitness

Iron Tribe Fitness earned the Best Customer Experience & Engagement, Silver Winner award at the inaugural Loyalty360 Awards held last month at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association.

Iron Tribe Fitness COO and Partner Jim Cavale participated in a riveting Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss several aspects of his company’s unique culture and promise to its loyal customers.

In your opinion, what specific things are being done well at Iron Tribe that led to the Loyalty360 Award?

I think that we are committed to building community through relationships. Without those two things, Iron Tribe is merely a fitness program in a world with hundreds of options. But when you commit to relationships that tie together a true community, you have something that is irreplaceable amongst your competition. This is what we’ve done at our corporate gyms and why we have built a franchise model for the brand to expand through our franchise partners doing the same thing in their communities and markets. As far as how this ties to the Loyalty 360 award, I would say that our commitment to building these relationships and thus, communities, is why we have so many raving fans as clients. It’s the reason that 90% of our franchise partners have ascended from clients of an Iron Tribe gym to become actual owners in the brand. It’s also the reason for record low attrition rates (< 3% chain-wide) and record high referral rates (> 80% of our new members comes from referrers).

Can you explain a bit about how Iron Tribe is able to execute these things that have led to your ongoing success along with customer acquisition and customer retention?

Executing these things is a mix of “the manual” with “the automatic.” While we have used technology to automate processes that educate and interact with our clients, we also count heavily on the proactivity of our staff to establish and further cultivate this exchange of information that educates and coaches the client, while also constantly interacting and caring for each client. It’s created a personalized experience for each client, within a true group atmosphere.

How important is the culture at Iron Tribe as an omnipresent backdrop that serves as a guiding light for customer loyalty?

It’s essential. From the beginning, our clients are trained to know that our brand grows through them referring only the very best people our way, so that we can over deliver to these people the same way we do so with them. Our 300-member limit guarantees that you won’t become another number to us, but we will truly have a relationship with you. Things like this establish a culture that we are then held accountable to for the months and hopefully years to come! –

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