Ben Davis

Ben played soccer at a competitive level from the time he was 11 years old. He played at the Olympic Development level and experienced playing in some of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the world, including Dallas Cup and Nike International Cup. In High School he picked up the love of wrestling and pursued it full time while continuing to play soccer. He has trained under some of the best coaches in the state of Georgia for both sports. This is where God began developing Ben’s understanding and passion for training the body.

After experiencing a career ending injury, Ben developed a deep depression and confusion about the meaning of life and what he was purposed to do. This led to a “bed of suicide” in 2008 where he was saved by God’s grace and shown his purpose and meaning to glorify God.

In December of 2008, Ben built No Excuses Athletics with Kyle Maynard and developed a knowledge and love for functional movement and continued to grow his passion to change people’s lives by impacting their physical well-being. In April of 2014, Ben left No Excuses to pursue a franchise partnership with Iron Tribe Fitness On Ponce, a location in Atlanta. He is now seeking to develop a team to impact lives in the area through the franchise and Radical Fitness Ministries.

It’s through faith in Christ that Ben now lives and breathes, learning to be like Him and loving others. It’s for this love that Ben has missioned his life to pursue God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength and to love others as himself. It’s for this reason; he pursues people and encourages them to reach their full God-given potential.

He is living proof of the radical change the gospel of Jesus Christ can have on one’s life. Ben’s mission is to share this love with all people, helping them live an abundant life.

He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he shares this life with his beautiful and talented bride, Laura Sully Davis.