The InfusionCon 2013 Keynote – “Where Is Iron Tribe Now?”

After winning the 2012 Ultimate Marketer of the Year award from Infusionsoft, our ever-growing CRM software company, Forrest and I were invited back to their sold out annual Infusioncon event, to deliver a “Where Are They Now” Keynote Presentation in front of a capacity crowd of 2,354 business owners.

When Forrest and I began to work with our creative team, led by Daniel Walters, to comprise slides for our presentation, we knew we had a big challenge in consolidating the 45-minute main stage time slot. We also knew that we not only wanted to tell the amazing Iron Tribe growth story but also focus on the real heroes of this story, our dedicated athletes and brand ambassador franchisee partners.

I mean, let’s face it, they are the extension of the Iron Tribe brand that has allowed us to grow so fast and transform more and more lives in the process throughout the United States!

What we came up with, was a story that started one year earlier on April 2, 2012, when we took the stage and presented for the Ultimate Marketer of the Year honor that we ended up winning. At that point we had not even began selling franchises yet, and were literally opening our fourth [ITF Mountain Brook] gym in Birmingham that very day.

One year later, in our “Where are They Now” Keynote, we took the stage with our six corporately owned gyms open for business and three franchised locations open. All nine are transforming lives throughout the southeast and 32 franchises had been sold to that point throughout the United States.

How did we do it? Who are those brand ambassadors? What new systems have we built? How many other new tools are in the works?

This presentation encompasses all of that, not to mention the fact that since we delivered it on stage just a month or so ago, we’ve sold more franchises and are now in nine states!