Iron Tribe Brand Leadership


Meet The Team

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Forrest Walden, CEO

Matt White, VP of Brand Expansion and Franchise Support

Karen Broadwater, VP of Brand Experience

Tra Griffin, VP of Corporate Gym Operations

Corbitt Chandler, VP of Marketing

Kyle Sottung, Director of Product Development


Our People are our brand!

To understand why the Iron Tribe Fitness (ITF) franchising model is such an amazing opportunity, you should start with the company’s world-class support team. These are the all-stars that will be guiding you (if you are the right fit for our model) to reach all of your goals as a business owner.

How do you know if you are the right fit? That starts with your passion for our “Why” aka our brand purpose To Create Fitness Communities That Change Lives. However, the purpose is only good as our “Who” aka our core values;

We Live The Code

We Collaborate To Innovate

We Work Hard WIth Excellence

We Build Lasting Relationships

We Practice Honesty and Integrity

We Deliver A Consistent Experience

We Measure Success By Others’ Success

We Connect God’s Blessings With His Purpose

We Develop Ourselves To Help Others Realize Their Potential

“YES.” Iron Tribe’s executive team boasts more than 60 years of combined experience in the franchising industry and, what may be even more valuable, is the fact that each member of the ITF Franchising Support Team has successfully operated one of the now five company-owned gyms.

However, beyond their expertise, is the pure passion To Create Fitness Communities That Change Lives, and the core values that come with that passion. We hire, evaluate, develop and even fire to these values. They are the “Who” of this brand and we want to know they resonate with you just as much as they do with us.

So, do they? If so, take some time to learn more about our Vision for this brand, by seizing your opportunity and watching our introductory webinar, before setting up your first phone call with us and continuing to explore how you could create your own life-changing fitness community!